19. GENERAL (3. Generalin)



Generalin von 2011-2013;  gewählt mit  65 Jahren


Nationalität: Canada


Besondere Kennzeichen:  Linda Bond hat einen Bachelortitel in "Religious Education" und einen Marsterabschluss in Theologie.


“Our mission statement is very clear. Its concluding line states that our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. The Army must never be selective, inviting into our corps and centres or moving out to serve only those of certain economic standing, or age, gender, colour or language. We believe that there is diversity in our unity. Our theology is about the whosoever. To be a credible people we must practice what we preach. All people must be made to feel at home at the Army. And when we move into communities, into their space, there should always be a presence that is gracious, warm, accepting and helpful.We serve, not for self-congratulation, nor for the applause of the public. We serve for Jesus’ sake and his power and by his grace.”                    

General Linda Bond (All the world, October-december 2011)


“We treasure our history and we must – for it is our foundation. However, we are called to serve the 21st century and what it requires of the Army is more than our skills can accomplish. If the educated, resourced, political movers and shakers and technological advances of our age cannot address the global need, one million-plus good-hearted Salvationists will not have the answers either. We need the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment, for power to witness and to serve, the one who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.
We are at war with anything that holds the human spirit in bondage. The world needs an Army of rescue, an Army with good news, an Army of salvation, an Army convinced that Jesus alone is the universal Saviour. To be the Army of God in the 21st century we must commit ourselves to our people, reaching them by all means with the transforming gospel. It is time to rally the Salvation Army for life’s greatest cause. To be the people we are called to be, to do what we were called to do, to be an Army faithful to the gospel, is to be an Army blessed by God.”
General Linda Bond (The Officer, May / June 2011)


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Glauben und Handeln

"Mein erster Gedanke war einfach, die Leute zu retten und sie der Kirche zu übergeben. Dies liess sich.... nicht durchführen: Erstens wollten sie nicht gehen, zweitens waren sie dort nicht willkommen, und drittens brauchten wir wenigstens einige von ihnen selbst, damit sie uns halfen, andere zu retten. So waren wir gezwungen, für die Bekehrten selbst zu sorgen." 

William Booth, Gründer der Heilsarmee ("Die Heilsarmee, Practical Religion - gelebter Glaube, Uwe Heimowski).